Heathers (1988)


the bible but all the words are changed to fuck


FKA Twigs #throughglass

2011 vs 2014


Paul HaesaertVisit to Picasso (1949)

“In an effort to capture the nature of Picasso's creative process, Paul Haesaert asked the Spanish painter to apply his magical brushstrokes to large glass plates as Haesaert filmed from the other side.”


R.I.P. Oscar. (1932 ~ 2014)

Photographer: Platon Antoniou
Model: Oscar de la Renta


an interesting fact about the armenian genocide is that the word ‘genocide’ itself was literally invented specifically to describe the armenian genocide and yet everyone’s a bit waffley about whether ‘genocide’ is the right term to talk about the systematic extermination of millions of people for explicit reasons of ethnic cleansing


*after I give someone a blowjob*

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